WAIT Protocol : WEMIX Approves Investment Transparently

The WEMIX Foundation strives to build the world's largest blockchain ecosystem by pursuing quantitative and qualitative transparency. The WAIT Protocol enables consistent investments in the ecosystem's growth while ensuring transparency and objectivity.


WAIT is an investment approval protocol for the growth of WEMIX ecosystem. Investments are processed in 3 transparent stages for qualitative assessment of investment, validation of feasibility, and execution upon approval.

  1. Stage 1
    Investment Proposition
    Investment Propositions are initiated by teams looking to onboard the ecosystem of WEMIX. All teams that share the values and direction of WEMIX, align with the WAIT Protocol's goals, and have the potential for growth and success are eligible to make a proposition.
  2. Stage 2
    Investment Review
    The Investment Committee, consisting of 5 members, including the CEO of WEMADE and four outside personnel with an objective perspective of the WEMIX community, reviews the propositions. At this stage, the Committee will discuss evaluating the investment in the WEMIX ecosystem to make an initial judgment.
  3. Stage 3
    Governance Approval
    The final approval is conducted through the governance of 40 WONDERS, including a community-based WONDER DAO, and executed with a majority vote. The WAIT governance lasts 3 days and can end early once the magic number is reached. If approval is not obtained during the 3 stages, the investment will be suspended or subject to resubmission upon modification.

WAIT pursues the qualitative growth of the WEMIX ecosystem with diverse teams and communities.

Each group of teams, committee members, and communities discuss and share opinions through three stages of the WAIT Protocol, proposition, review, and approval, to make a successful investment decision. Based on this, we strive to create an environment where the teams and the WEMIX ecosystem can grow together by making objective decisions through a decentralized system.

WAIT Governance of 40 WONDERS

Through the qualitative assessment of the investments for the WEMIX ecosystem's growth, the feasibility is validated, and the final approval of the proposal is decided upon the votes of the 40 WONDERS. As a result of the vote, a total of 0 investments have been executed.
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Recent Proposals

2023-09-26 01:53 UTC+9

The team proposals are being reviewed with the WAIT Protocol. Once the propositions are approved by the Investment Committee, the governance of 40 WONDERS will begin soon!